Thursday, February 23, 2012

In The Beginning...... Year 3: Cousins and More

Today begins my third year in documenting our family history through blogging. The year of 2012 has started out with a bang and there are days I have to struggle to keep up with the momentum. I find myself behind on projects, both genealogy and non-genealogy, and I have yet to fulfill my goals of 2011. But that's OK, most of them can wait.

Blogging, social networks, and volunteerism on have certainly been a plus for running into cousins lately; cousins from both sides of my family who are thrilled to swap information and photos back and forth. 

One new paternal cousin, *Ginny, upon finding my blog, immediately sent me an e-mail with a photo attached. The second I saw it, I knew I already had a photo with some of the same people in it. I dug mine out. It was a photo from my paternal grandmother's collection that was unidentified. We knew it was of family but...who? 

My photo, previously unidentified. 
Well, Ginny's photo was completely identified on the back. Her's was a photo of my paternal great grandfather, Andrew Melvin Townsend, son of Lewis and Mary Ann (Patterson) Townsend, and all his living siblings. You can tell by the clothing and background that it was taken on the same day as mine, and you can tell from a camera glitch near the bottom center, that it was taken from the same camera.

Back row L to R: Emma Jane, Lewis Oscar, Olive M., Andrew Melvin, Margaret Ellen; Front row L to R:  Mary C., Theodore E., Sarah Elizabeth "Sadie"

My photo at the top has the three brothers and sister Sadie with unidentified women in the background. Those women are likely daughters or wives. Since I had no other photos of Andrew, I had no idea that the photo I already had was of Andrew and his brothers and one of his sisters. Now, I know! God bless cousin Ginny and God bless me!

Yes, my third year of blogging is starting out with lots of that mysterious stuff they call "serendipity". It could just be the power of the Internet. Or it could be something more....

*Ginny is the granddaughter of Lewis Oscar Townsend.



  1. Congratulations on your wonderful cousin's treasures! And Happy blogiversary, Lisa! Many more to come, I'm sure.

  2. Lisa, Happy 3rd Blogiversary and thanks for sharing your many stories. What good luck about the camera's problem, and about Ginny reading your blog and contacting you. Blogs are powerful. May you have more stories like this as you write towards your 4th.

    1. Thanks Barbara! Actually it's my 2nd Blogiversary (starting my 3rd year), and I already have more stories like this to tell. Like I said, this year has started out with a bang! I'm looking forward to the rest!

  3. What a spectacular way to start your 3rd year. Congratulations! Cathy @ palmsrv

  4. The photographer in me would have been so upset with that camera flaw. But, now that I have seen this post, I would be happy for a flaw like that! WAHHOOO

    Happy Blogiversary!

  5. Thank you Cathy, Amy and Carol! Yes Carol, the flaw is a bit aggravating, but it doesn't get in the way of the faces. I know these people - you know - the way we know them from the bit of trail they left. How great to put a face on each one. These group sibling photos are the best! Meeting a friendly new cousin....that's priceless!

  6. Congratulations on completing two years of blogging and best wishes beginning your third. Don't you love it when cousins find you and send photos?!!! The challenge is sometimes whether one can keep up with the cousins, especially if several from different family lines contact you in quick succession. Blessings all around!

  7. Thanks Nancy, and you are right! It was getting a bit confusing there for a couple of weeks on who was who! I have enjoyed the conversations and learning were they live now. Some very interesting stories!

  8. Congratulations, Lisa, on your glogiversary and the windfall of new knowledge. And thank you again for all you do.

  9. Bravo, Lisa. I'm glad it's been as fruitful for you as it's been delightful for us.

  10. Thank you Susan, that's very sweet! I doubt I would have made it this far without you and all my wonderful geneablogging friends!