Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Finds: Uriah Wheaton's Mare 1807

From the Scioto Gazette (Ohio) July 30, 1807

Article from the Scioto Gazette  30 Jul 1807
TAKEN up by Uriah Wheaton, an iron gray mare, about fourteen and a half hands high, three years old, trots, has a small star in her forehead, the near hind foot white, a number of gray hairs in the end of her tail. 
Appraised to twenty dollars.
     GEO. GUTHERY. Appraisers.
July 15th, 1807.
Ross county, Pe Pee township. I do certify the above to be a true copy from my estray book.
July 25th, 1807.

Uriah Wheaton of Pee Pee Township, Ross Co., Ohio was my paternal fourth great grandfather. His will can be seen at this link:

Amanuensis Monday: The Will of Uriah Wheaton 1811

Article found in the wee hours of the morning, after upgrading my free library edition of Genealogy Bank to the full edition. I do love finding these little tidbits of my family history. I also learned something new: an "estray book" is a book where they kept a record of stray animals found in the county. Finder's Keepers!

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