Saturday, July 7, 2012

John Miller and Ursula Ann (Martin) Davis

John Miller Davis 1874
John Miller Davis and Ursula Ann Martin were my paternal great, great grandparents. They married on October 4, 1874 in Woodstock, Pulaski Co., Kentucky. They had three daughters, Mary (1875), my great grandmother Sarah (1877), and Mallie (1880). John died in 1880 just about 6 weeks after his third daughter was born, at the age of 26. Click here to see John's tombstone.

These photos were likely taken on John and Ursula's wedding day. John was 20 years old, Ursula was 18.

Ursula Ann (Martin) Davis 1874
Ursula remarried in 1884 and had four more children, but when she died in 1900, she was buried next to John as the wife of J. M. Davis. Click here to see her tombstone.

I have very little information about John Davis. His parents were Forney and Mary Ann (Evans) Davis. His father and two of his uncles were casualties of the Civil War. I do not know what John died of but I suspect it was Tuberculosis. His brothers Francis and Leander died shortly after John did in 1882 and 1883, respectively. His mother, Ursula, we know from newspaper articles, died of TB, so it is very possible that this disease took them all as it was prevalent in the area at the time.

The tombstones of John and Ursula were erected in 1904 as indicated in this excerpt from the diary of my great grandfather, Oliver M. Wallen, husband of John and Ursula's daughter Sarah: "Oct 29, 1904.......We put stones to Sarah's father and mother's graves. I furnished the stones..."

Original photos of John and Ursula are owned by my cousin Lewis E. Colyer, grandson of Mallie.