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Surname Saturday: TOWNSEND

Joseph L. Townsend 1795 - 1875

Joseph L. Townsend was born November 11, 1795 in New Jersey. Earlier genealogists placed him as Joseph Ludlam Townsend, the son of Daniel Townsend, Jr. and Hannah Lord Townsend of Cape May Co., New Jersey. Daniel was the great grandson of Richard Townsend, the oldest of the three well researched Oyster Bay Townsend brothers.

I have not yet seen actual proof that my ancestor is the son of Daniel and Hannah. Perhaps someone will see this article and provide me with that proof. I suppose I am in some agreement since my Joseph named his first two children Daniel and Hannah. The fact he was born in New Jersey and that his middle initial is L. adds even more interest in that direction. I have yet to find a document where Joseph's middle name is spelled out.

Joseph married Christiana Wheaton, daughter of Uriah Wheaton, on April 18, 1921 in Pike Co., Ohio. Christiana's mother, as far as I know, has not yet been identified for certain. Some say her mother's name was Margaret but I believe they have her confused with Margaret Macky who was Uriah's second wife and not the mother of Christiana, and I have also seen it said that her mother was Margaret Wheaton, first cousin of Uriah. The second two children of Joseph and Christiana were named Eleanor and Uriah W. Christiana's grandmother was Eleanor (Elinor) and her grandfather was also named Uriah.

Two more children were born to Joseph and Christiana, my ancestor Lewis and then William H.

I have been able to identify this family in the 1830 census in Sunfish, Pike Co., Ohio and again in the 1840 census in Roundhead, Hardin Co., Ohio. All children born by those dates are accounted for with the addition, in 1830 only, of two female children that I have not yet identified. William was born shortly after the 1840 census so he does not appear until 1850.

In the 1850 census we find this family in Effingham Co., Illinois. Joseph purchased land there in 1850 and again in 1853. It should be noted that in 1850 Uriah W., who was born in 1832, is clearly listed on the census sheet as "David". For years this threw me off. I searched and searched for anything I could find on David and never found a thing. And why was Uriah missing? I couldn't find Uriah anywhere in 1850. When I was able to identify this family in the 1840 census I realized the name David on the 1850 census was just a simple, but glaring, error. There was only one male child for that age slot listed for this family in the 1840 census and that could only have been Uriah.

In 1856 Joseph, Christiana, Uriah W., Lewis, and William H. all appear on the Benton Co., Iowa State census. The two oldest children, Daniel and Hannah, were both married by this time and were living with their families in Fayette Co., Illinois. In 1857 Joseph purchased land in Benton county.

In 1860 through 1870 Joseph and Christiana are back in Illinois, not in Effingham county this time but near Daniel and Hannah and their families in the neighboring county of Fayette. They took up residence in Sefton Township. Christiana died in Sefton on August 28, 1872 and is buried in the Yolton Cemetery. Joseph died almost two and a half years later on March 19, 1875 and I presume he is also buried in the same cemetery with his wife and other family members but apparently there is no stone or record of his burial.

The children of Joseph and Christiana

Daniel md. Evelina Scoles. They had 8 children and lived in Fayette Co., IL

Hannah md. Abel Scoles (brother of Evelina) and had 7 children. Hannah died in Prowers Co., CO

Eleanor md. George Washington Phifer. They had 8 children and lived in Effingham Co., IL then moved to Sumner Co., KS and later to Bates Co., MO

Uriah W. md. Mary Ann Cameron. They had 8 children and lived in Fayette Co., IL

Lewis md. Mary Ann Patterson and they had 9 children and lived in Fayette Co., IL (Their son Andrew Melvin Townsend was my great grandfather.)

William H. - no information found on William after 1860, however there is a William Townsend who was killed in the Civil War on March 7, 1864 and buried in the Mound City National Cemetery in Pulaski Co., IL who needs to be researched.

There may have been other children born to the children of Joseph and Christiana but these 40 are all that I have found.

My paternal great, great grandparents Lewis and Mary Ann Patterson Townsend  Fayette Co., Illinois

Written for submission to the Townsend Society of America Genealogical Journal


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