Tuesday, January 25, 2011

COG 102 - Annual iGene Awards - Best of OSU 2010

102 Edition of The Carnival of Genealogy 
Presents: "iGene Awards"
Best of OldStonesUndeciphered 2010

The topic for the 102nd edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is: The Annual iGene Awards, where we announce what we consider to be our best blog posts from 2010 in the following 5 categories: Best Picture (Photo), Best Screen Play (with Cast) , Best Documentary (Investigative Research), Best Biography, and Best Comedy. We are to write up a blog post with links to our best articles in these categories. My thanks to Jasia of CREATIVEGENE, our Carnival Host!

As the red carpet is lovingly rolled out, I am ready to present to you: 
"The Best of Old Stones Undeciphered 2010 Awards"!

BestPicture: This award goes to the NUDE 1800s photo of my great granduncle Isaac Newton Wallen in the blog post Pioneers To Indian Territory 1881. While it is not the most attractive photo, it is certainly the most unusual photo on my blog. Isaac must have been quite the character to pose for this one! 

BestScreenPlay: This award goes to the blog post from the darkest corner of my gene pool, The Worst Kind of Murderer set in 1648 Scituate, New Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts where my deranged ancestor murders her own 4 year old daughter!

The Cast:
Deranged woman, Alice (Martin) Clark/Bishop - Elizabeth Taylor
First husband of Alice, George Clark - Basil Rathbone
Second husband of Alice, Richard Bishop - James Cagney
The young witness, Rachel Ramsden - Audrey Hepburn
Goodwife Winslow - Hedda Hopper
Child murder victim, Martha Clark - Shirley Temple
Father and Mother of Rachel Ramsden - Peter Lorre and Greta Garbo

Best Documentary: This category was a tie with equal awards going to: Trowbridge: Our Distant Connection To Kings And Emperors and The Melville ScotsThese are two of my earliest blog posts and they both continually pull in the highest number of hits daily. I am especially fond of the absolutely adorable and hunky photo of my husband in his KILT at the bottom of the Melville Scots blog!

Best Biography: This award goes to the second blog post of my blogging career and one that I am quite proud of. Who The Heck Is Alice? is a biography of my children's paternal third great grandmother, Alice McIlvoy Logsdon, the redheaded Irish lass from Belfast, Ireland.

Best Comedy: This award goes to a blog post containing three wacky photos, Silly Saturday Scans - My Parents 1942. Mom and Dad had such a great sense of humor!

And so ends this iGene Awards Ceremony! Goodnight Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming!

(Written for the 102nd edition of the Carnival of Genealogy)



  1. The entry for "Best Picture" was quite deserving! Your grand uncle must have been quite a character indeed!

  2. I absolutely enjoyed this post -- as usual.

  3. I've been following your blog for a while but I've missed every one of these posts. Thanks for giving them awards. I can't read them tonight but I'll come back over the next few days.

  4. Dorene...thanks, I thought that photo was quite deserving also. Pretty daring! (Well, maybe not for some, LOL!) Kathy, thank you so much for the lovely complement! Nancy, I am having a great time reading the entries for this COG. Some of the posts I remember reading and others I totally missed too! Thank you all for your comments!

  5. Ah, Lisa, I did read your entry, I, mmm, forgot, blame it on ole leaky brain cells and all the dust from the desert clogging up what is left! LOL

    Love your cast of characters. I sorta skipped that part! LOL

  6. Lisa, you have the absolute best pictures!

  7. Outstanding choices! No arguments on the Best Picture. Uncle Isaac wins hands down ;)

  8. The play is horrifying but I might look at it with the cast you picked!