Saturday, June 5, 2010

Silly Saturday Scans - My Parents 1942

I am undergoing a major project (one of many) where I am scanning my family's photo albums. Today I started on the Album simply titled "1939-1950". I am working on the pages of 1942 and, considering my sober post of yesterday, these three light hearted and cheerful photos were quite uplifting! My parents, Robert L. Wallen and Janet E. Runyan were married in 1943, so these were taken while they were dating.

The picture of my Dad in the Spanish Moss brassiere below was taken in Huntsville Internment Camp in Walker Co., Texas where he was an Army guard for German POWs. The man with him was his friend Joe Wilkes. I wonder if they got chiggers?

Bicycle built for two!

Hillbillys? Moonshiners?

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  1. These are precious, Lisa! Thanks for sharing your family memories with the rest of us.