Friday, June 18, 2010

Traveling Pony Photographers: When Cowboys Were Cool!

Remember when cowboys were cool? 

I loved Cowboys and shoot 'em up Westerns, still do! 
Cowboys have always been, and will always be, my heroes.

These pictures below are from the time of the traveling photographer who wandered door to door leading a little docile painted pony all decked out with fancy saddle and studded trappings. Aside from his camera, the photographer usually carried with him a cowboy hat and a kerchief to use for props. Sometimes he might even have a pair of kid sized "cow hide" chaps. Mom signed a form but didn't pay any money until the photographer came back with the photos and if she liked what she saw she paid for them then. 

These are our family cowpokes:

My Uncle Billy Wallen, September 15, 1944, age 10
Indianapolis, Indiana

 Mike, Buddy and Rose Logsdon circa 1951

Lisa Wallen, Temple Terrace (Tampa), Florida
circa 1958



  1. Lisa,I love your site. I believe we are distant cousins. My ancester is Matthew Walling also a son of Thomas. Michael Walling

  2. Love your site. Michael Walling.My ancester is Matthew Walling ,Williams brother.That makes us distant cousins.

  3. I am somewhat familiar with Matthew....married Amy Rice if I remember right. Amy was sister to William's wife Hannah. Awesome! Yes, definitely we are cousins!

  4. Hi Lisa, I love heritage and old family photos too. I found you while researching the Traveling Pony Photos. I like them a lot and have a small colletion in a FaceBook album. I would love to add your family pony photos, with or without names, but only with your approval.
    That was a great time to be a kid. Sitting on that pony with a smile, and having few worries.
    Not a problem at all, if you prefer not.
    Enjoy the day,

    p.s. I guess I'm anonymous, not sure which to pick.

  5. Bill...I don't know where your comment went to. It said it published, but I'm not seeing it. Yes, you may use the pictures and please do use the names. I also have these three in an album there. I hope you will send me a friend request as I would love to see your album! Just do a search for me, I'm easy to find. :-D

  6. Oh....ha,ha! There's your comment..guess it took a while to post!

  7. I swear I have a picture of my mother on that same little pony outside the same little window!

  8. Michelle...Bill in the comments above would love to post your picture to his facebook album of these pony pictures...he has quite a nice little collection going!

  9. What fun photographs. Who didn't love ponies and horses when they were little, and to have one travel around for photographs! What could be better?

  10. Hello! I, too, came across your site while searching for Traveling Pony Photos. I just started a website,, and am working on a post all about traveling pony photos. I would love to include yours on the site, along with a little story, if you're willing! You can contact me directly at, or submit directly through the site. Hope to hear from you!

  11. Abby, I looked at your blog and it is just beautiful! As a horse lover most of my life I can SO appreciate what you are doing! Of course you may use my photos but please do identify persons in the pictures and I would also appreciate it if you could put a link to my blog somewhere in the article. I don't know that I have much in the way of stories but you can use what content you want from this article and you can also e-mail me at my g-mail (scroll down the page to just above the article index) and ask questions and maybe I can add something that way. You are doing a great job and I'm sure I will be visiting often!