Thursday, June 3, 2010

Irish Ancestors: Clotilda, daughter of Lord And Lady Vincent

Clotilda Vincent Bean 1769-1864

Clotilda was born on 14 Mar 1769, daughter of Lord and Lady Vincent of Ireland. She married Edward Columbus Bean, known as John Bean, in Baltimore, St. Mary's County, Maryland. They came to Nelson County, Kentucky in 1798 with five children and seven slaves and Clotilda's sister, Elizabeth Vincent Kelly who lived with her. Another sister Louanna Brewer lived about 12 miles north of Bardstown in Fairfield.

Children born to Clotilda and John in Maryland: Ann Harriet, Francis Baker, George Alexander, John Randolf, and Augustus. Three more children born in Kentucky were: Nancy, William Polycarp (my husband's line) and James Matthew.

When Clotilda's husband John Bean made a trip back to Maryland to retrieve furniture and supplies and to lead other pioneers back to Kentucky, he was killed by Indians on the return trip through the Cumberland Gap. He was buried in the Gap alongside the road.

Clotilda was a very devout Catholic woman who died 13 Sep 1864, and is the second oldest person buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery at Bardstown. Her tombstone was erected by one of her slaves, Joe Bean.

Clotilda donated the springs on 3 acres of her farm to get Sr. Catherine Spalding to build Nazareth to provide an education for the Catholic girls. This was deeded to Nazareth by Thomas Aud in 1822.

The log cabin that was Clotilda's home was located on the farm of J. C. Greenwell, about 3 miles northwest of Bardstown, Kentucky on Highway 245. The cabin was built before Kentucky was a state. The cabin was donated by the Greenwell family and is now located in "Pioneer Village" in what is referred to as "Museum Row", a collection of five museums in Bardstown. Inside the cabin is a display about Clotilda. 

Most of my information comes from those that have seen the display and quoted the information to me and from those who have quoted excerpts from the book "Historic Nelson County, Its Homes and Peoples" by Sarah B. Smith, copyright 1982.

Many more photos of the Bean cabin may be seen at this link: 



  1. How great to have photos like this. It really brings their lives into perspective for us.

  2. Its hard to believe that I'm a direct descent of Clotilda Vincent Bean! My sister is doing on our Family. Its unbelievable!!!

    Thanks for sharing your story on the net with us! The pictures are a great added bonus for sure.

  3. I am so glad you found this site helpful Wes! Thanks for your nice comment!

  4. I'm so glad I found this. I too am a direct descendent of Clotilda. Her daughter Ann Harriet married Benjamin O'Bryan. There daughter, Francis, married my great-great-great grandfather, Henry Simpson.

  5. That's so wonderful Cassie! I am glad you found this site too and I hope it's been useful. Most of this information can be found in various places, I just tried to gather it all to one spot.