Thursday, June 10, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: Letter From Beulah Darling To Mary Runyan 1892

From Beulah Smith Darling, my maternal great great grandmother to her daughter, my great grandmother Mary Elizabeth Darling Runyan, dated February 20, 1892.


"Spiceland, Ind.  

                                                                                                   Feb. 20, 1892

Dear daughter,

                   I will now write you a letter. I hav bin sick but am better now. quincy was sick yesterday but he is at wirk today. I have had the grip. the boys received Jessies letters and were both pleased to hear from him.  elijah  florence Is sick she has bin very bad but is now better. Tell Jessie I sold my geece. The brought me $7.50. this is a very nice day and I hafto sit in the house all the time stellie has have you had any bad spell since you went home.
Francis Luthultz and Ida Darling has bin not expected to live but are well now and have gon back to work.
I send my love to all and a kiss for the children . by by

                    Your Mother,
                            Bulah Darling
                     Mrs. Mary Runion
                               answer soon
                      and tell how you all are

                Emma black has got a boy it is one weak old to day


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  1. What a priceless treasure - how fortunate you are to have this! I'm envious!!