Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sentimental Sunday: Ordained at Freedom Church

Oliver Morton Wallen
My paternal great grandfather ordained at age 29 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky

Mt. Vernon Signal Newspaper - September 29, 1899

"Oliver Wallin ordained to the ministry Sept. 23rd at Freedom church. The deacons from Brodhead and Pine Hill churches assisting. Bro. Wallin is one of our county boys and a bright young man. We predict a grand work by him."

Oliver was actually licensed to preach at Freedom Church in January of 1896.  He preached his first sermon on May 3, 1896 and from that time on he continued preaching in various churches in both Rockcastle and Pulaski counties in Kentucky.

I found this clipping today.


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  2. Lisa, Was that the Freedom Baptist Church? According to my gg grandfather's (Madison C. Owens) obit in 1920, he was the oldest member of that church (I assume living at that time) so he was no doubt attending that church in 1896.

  3. Yes Linda, it was the Freedom Baptist. Mom and I went there but no one was there at the time. I wrote to them to see if they had any records but I never heard back. In his diary my grandfather mentions several Owens. William, Willie, J. L. and Dannie...also "Bro. Owens". I have Madison in my database but only because he ties into the Craigs who tie into the Carsons who tie into my Evans line, LOL! You can bet Madison and Oliver knew each other though!

  4. No doubt they knew each other. Two of my Madison's daughters married Craig's. Sallie married Mack Fount and Elizabeth married Alfred Gillus.

    I'm not sure if the church was in the current location back then or not. The "Old Freedom" cemetery (also called Roberts) is down the road a little so I wonder if the church was in that location at that time.

    I know someone who goes to church there now. I'll ask her to find out about old records.

  5. Well, this sounds like not only a sentimental post, but a productive one as well. The comments are great.

  6. Bad news. The church records only go back to the 1940's. The older records were destroyed in a house fire some time ago when they were kept at a church secretary's house and it burned down.

  7. I was afraid of that Linda. I have thought all these years that was probably why they never answered me back. Well, thanks. At least now I know for sure. I sure appreciate you trying to help me out!