Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Gertie Newby 1865 - 1891


Sister of my maternal great grandfather, Charles Lee Newby



  1. Quite a different outfit, Lisa. I don't think I've seen one like it. Where is she from?

  2. Gertie was born and grew up in Knightstown, Henry Co., Indiana. She married at about 19 years old and had a son there about a year and a half later. She died in Indianapolis though when she was 26. I'd really like to find out more about her. I have the obituary for her husband who was married twice after she died and his obit does not mention his marriage to her but does mention the other two. Pretty sure this was taken between 1882 and 1890 and she was a member of the Society of Friends part of her life. Looks like a shawl of black lace and I can't tell what kind of hat that is. This is the only photo we have of her.

  3. Lisa - Wonderful photo. Such a compelling face and demeanor.