Wednesday, April 6, 2011

National Tartan Day - MELVILLE and ANDERSON

In recognition of National Tartan Day - April 6, 2011
My children's paternal and maternal Scottish ancestry

Paternal MELVILLE tartan                        Maternal ANDERSON tartan

Leuchars Parish, Fifeshire, Scotland

The Melvilles, originally from Normandy, settled in 12th century Scotland and gave their name to the lands of Midlothian and Fife.

My husband's Scottish ancestor was John Melville (later, "Melvin") and was born in 1652 in Leuchars Parish, Fifeshire, Scotland. You can read about that lineage here: "The Melville Scots", and see photos of the Melville Castle which still stands today.

Maguiresbridge, Ireland
My Scottish ancestor was born in Ireland (known as Scot-Irish or Scotch-Irish). Thomas Anderson was b. 1727 in or near Maguiresbridge, Ireland. Maguiresbridge is a small village in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. In the 2001 Census it had a population of 774 people. It lies within the Fermanagh District Council area. The town is named after the bridge over the Colebrooke river, first built by the local Maguire family.
Maguiresbridge Roman Catholic Church
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  1. So interesting! I am not related to them, but we have the surnames Melville and Anderson in Sandusky's past....even a street named Melville!

  2. I love seeing all the different tartan posts. thanks for sharing.

  3. would not surprise me at all. The amount of Scottish people that helped settle this country is huge! And thanks Gen Story Girl..I bet you have a tartan somewhere in your history!

  4. I will not rest until I find a Scotsman in my tree!

  5. LOL Pugbug! Careful when you look up! You might be surprised at what you see..(or don't see, whatever!) You never know about those kilted ancestors....what DID they wear under there?? LOL!

  6. I'm with pugbug!! I know there's a scotsmen up there somewhere!! I just know it!! ;-)

  7. Just keep looking...he'll show up eventually, LOL!

  8. How nice to see History recognized. I too am an Ancestor of John Melvin of Leuchars Parish and
    have been researching his Parents Alexander Melville and Elspet Ramsat. Would anyone have
    any info on their parentage or perhaps dates to
    go by. Please email This
    lineage may be linked to the Barony of Melville and the Boston Tea Party and it is Alexander's
    information is vital to proving that.

    Thanks - Little Miss of Canada