Monday, May 9, 2011

Amanuensis Monday: A Convenient Marriage-Part 1

In March of 1931 my husband's maternal grandmother, Florence Polly (Melvin) Moore, had been a widow for just a little over a year and she had an 8 1/2 year old daughter. Her friend, Mrs. Reed, knew of a widower with children of his own who was looking for a mother for them as well as a companion for himself, so Mrs. Reed decided to try and play match maker. This is the first of two letters in my possession that followed after Mrs. Reed set things in motion.

                   March 27, 1931
                  3029 Woodburn Ave.
                  Cincinnati, O.

Miss Florence Moore:
        My Dear Miss Moore:
                     I suppose I really
deserve the slight bawling out
in the letter you sent Mrs Reed
Well my dear lady I have been
figureing and making plans and
wanted to be sure of my step
before I had a definite understanding
with you. If I can find
a Photo of my Self I will enclose
it in this missle. I want
to be perfectly frank and plain
with you so am going to
look forward to meeting you
with great pleasure. I have
not been a widower but

4 months but life with out a
companion is one continual hell
for me. I have 3 boys Florence
who need other care besides
that which I can give them
Of course the two older ones
can take care of themselves
mostly but the youngest needs
a mothers care and teaching.
Now if I can arrange it and
I think I can will you be
willing to come up and
look the situation over and
then we will see what can
be done. understand I dont
want to make a slave of you
or any one. More a companion
and "buddy" than any thing
else. To tell you a little more
about my self. I am 37 years

old and I think I know what
life is all about. I am not "tall
dark & handsome" but I dont think
I would spoil your appetite by
having to look across the table at
me every morning as the saying
goes. I have just purchased
an auto not a swell one of
course (because I cant afford it)
but one that we can have lots
of pleasure out of this summer.
Jack & Mrs Reed say they think
we would get along famously
so my interest in you is
growing daily. Now if you
care to answer this I will
be looking for an answer also
looking forward to the day I
see you in person.
    will close for this time

Hoping to hear from you
soon   I remain yours in the field of lonesome men
                      E. C. Scott
                        3029 Woodburn Ave
Please send Photo of yourself.
                       E. C.

 Part 2 will be posted next week and will be Florence's reply to Elza Chandler Scott and the outcome of this correspondence.



  1. You hooked me. Anxiously awaiting part 2!

  2. What a great heirloom, married or not, this is a great piece of heritage. Love it! Can't wait to read next weeks! WOOOOHHHOOOO

  3. Such a fabulous letter. Blessings on all whose hands it has crossed for keeping it! And on you for sharing it.

  4. Love it!. Love how he describes himself. :) How wonderful of you to share. Hope other descendants find this.

  5. Loved this, what a great treasure to have. Thanks for sharing!