Wednesday, April 11, 2012

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: A Heavy Heart

L to R: Sarah Frances (Davis) Wallen/Livesay, Myrtle D. Livesay,
Robert L. "Bobby" Wallen and Iva Illinois "Noy"  (Townsend) Wallen
This photo was taken around September of 1921. On the left is my paternal great grandmother, Sarah, and her youngest child Myrtle. Next is my father, Bobby, who is Sarah's first grandchild, son of her first born son William Jesse Wallen, and her daughter-in-law, Noy, holding my dad. Baby Myrtle was born October 1920 and Baby Bobby (Myrtle's nephew) was born March 1921.

Myrtle is the last living child of my great grandmother. She is 91 years old and sharp as a tack. It is with a heavy heart that I learned just yesterday that she will be leaving us soon and may not see her 92nd birthday. For the past few years, Myrtle has given me the most wonderful encouragement in what I do as far as family history research. Her appreciation has been a joy. In return, Myrtle has helped me to come to a much better understanding of some of the relationships and personalities in family members that I never had the chance to know personally. One of those relationships was that of my grandfather, who all but disappeared from our lives when I was very young and was probably badly misjudged by us all.

Just a few months ago I was able to send Myrtle photos of her maternal grandparents, John Miller and Ursula Ann (Martin) Davis/Burnette that were taken circa 1874. John and Ursula both died long before Myrtle was born and none of us ever knew any photos of them existed until a cousin alerted me that he had uploaded them to Myrtle's joy and elation over seeing those photos was a priceless moment. I was looking forward to sending her more happy discoveries with the release of the 1940 census, but some things will not be discovered until the indexing is complete. 

Time is not on my side.



  1. Wonderful that you have been having such a great relationship with your grandmother. Treasure indeed, Lisa, even tinged with such sadness. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm sorry Lisa, there is so much sadness these days in the genie world. So many heavy hearts.

  3. Thank you for your comments Celia and Carol. Celia, it is my grandaunt that I'm losing. They discovered an inoperable tumor in her abdominal cavity and she is to have hospice in right away. In a way I suppose I knew this would happen, but she is so sharp mentally, I thought maybe I'd have another couple of years with her. I'm just grateful I got to know her better in the last years.

  4. Sad news, indeed to lose such a treasure. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    1. Thank you David, your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.