Friday, June 1, 2012

For The Record Friday: Baptism in the Orange Grove

Baptism of Mike Logsdon and Lisa Wallen - Summer 1976

When our church was built, it was built on a large piece of property that was once an orange grove. Of course, most of Temple Terrace, Florida was orange grove at one time. Many of those orange trees on the church property were left standing and our first baptismal was outdoors among them. Today, our baptismal is indoors. 

These photos were taken 36 years ago, just before Mike and I were married. I wasn't so sure of that at first, but I was able to zoom in on the third photo down which is the only one showing my left hand and I know for certain that is not my wedding ring. It looks like the sterling silver dogwood flower that was given to me by my parents a few years earlier. I still have it. 

As far as I know, the church didn't keep much in the way of records back then, so the closest I can date these photos would be summer of 1976. I'm thinking June. We were married in August. 

I'm thankful that we have this visual proof of our baptism.. These photos aren't the greatest, but they make me smile!

Years later, our children were baptized in the indoor baptismal. They have pictures and dated certificates.

Pastor Brooks recently retired from the church and is now on the mission field, but he will always be our Pastor and close friend.



  1. Lisa, Thanks for sharing this personal event with us. The photos are perfect, a nice slice of the past.

  2. Oh, you are lucky to have such great photos.