Friday, June 29, 2012

Splitek: Ayres Natural Bridge Park, Wyoming 1954

Frank Fulton and Sula Susan (Wallen) Splitek

My paternal grandaunt Sula (Wallen) Splitek and her husband Frank, were the managers of Ayers Natural Bridge Park near Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1954. Others in the family may have known this, but it was a complete surprise to me when I ran across this little excerpt in a Texas newspaper today.

Dallas Morning News - dated 22 Aug 1954

Ayres Natural Bridge

     Not too many miles from Cheyenne we stopped at Ayres Natural Bridge for a picnic lunch. This was a good introduction to one of the reasons "why" Wyoming is an ideal family vacation state...much of the natural beauty is free to be enjoyed by all. Ayres Park is one of nature's wonders left in its natual state and there is no charge to see it. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Splitek, managers of the park, showed us the register and, again, Texans were out in front by a stretch.

I never met my aunt Sula in person, but she was responsible for the early genealogy done on our family. Sula and Frank married in 1932 in Iowa and Sula would have been about 50 years old in 1954 when they were the managers of Ayres Park.

Vintage postcard of Ayres Natural Bridge


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