Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Reconstruction of Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace

Descendants of Austin Gollaher call this the Gollaher cabin!
Reconstructed birthplace of Abraham Lincoln
south of Athertonville, Kentucky on road 31E
Article from the Louisville Courier-Journal hand dated 1981 - Click to enlarge.
"The cabin was reconstructed in 1931, using logs from the Austin Gollaher cabin that stood a mile away."
Benjamin Austin Gollaher
Benjamin Austin Gollaher was my husband's maternal third great grandfather and responsible for having saved Abraham Lincoln from drowning in Knob Creek when they were boys. See my previous article: "Boy Hero Saves Life of Young Abe Lincoln".

The photo of the cabin above was taken by me on May 20, 2011. The newspaper clipping was given to me by relatives of my husband Mike. The photo at the right was given to me by Lou Lucas about a dozen years ago.
Gollaher cabin with modern addition. Framed in red is the original part used minus the rock fireplace.



  1. I just asked my nephew earlier today if he would like to visit Lincoln's birthplace next time I'm here in B'town (which will be in a couple of weeks). It's just abt. 30 miles. Anyway, I was telling him about Lincoln almost drowning and being saved by his friend.