Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Clotilda Vincent Bean

Daughter of Lord and Lady Francis Vincent of Ireland
b. March 14, 1769 - d. September 13, 1864

Wife of Edward Columbus (John) Bean
Buried St. Joseph's Cemetery, Bardstown, Nelson Co., KY

Clotilda Bean
Clotilda was the paternal fourth great grandmother of my husband, Mike. She has an interesting history which I summarized a little over a year ago in my blog: Irish Ancestors: Clotilda, Daughter of Lord and Lady Vincent

On Friday, May 27, 2011, Mike and I visited the Bean Cabin which has been preserved and moved to Historic Old Bardstown Village's Museum Row in Bardstown, Kentucky. As stated in my previous blog, Clotilda's husband was killed by Indians while returning to Maryland for supplies. John Bean was also of Irish heritage. 

Clotilda never remarried, she raised her family of 8 children and prospered. She was a charter member and an active church worker at St. Joseph's Proto-Cathedral in Bardstown. Clotilda was 95 years old when she died and the tombstone seen here was erected by her slave, Joe Bean. 
Mike Logsdon and Clotilda Bean Tombstone

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  1. Bet she was quite a woman! Eight children, no husband in 19th century KY--impressive. Also love the cabin photos in the earlier post...

  2. Well...you have one ancestor still living, a Mr. Crim, who found out reading your blog that you have been to his neck of the woods, and never called, never stopped, nada! Drove right past, too. :(


  3. Ok...I guess I deserved the chewing out but we only went past on the way back and by that time Mike had gotten four calls for work (he was out of work so we took advantage of that to go on the first vacation since 2004!). We had to be back quick so we drove straight through, got about 3 hours sleep at a truck stop and got up and kept going. Got to Valdosta just in time to see Hallie for 20 minutes before she had to be at work. We didn't go up that way because we were staying in eastern KY (London) first. We didn't visit any family on this trip and we were close to several, some on Mike's side and at least 5 different ones on my side. I am ashamed and my only excuse is that we were both on a mission that kept us going from daylight to dark every single day and still didn't get to do it all. Don't know when we will get a chance to go again. Right now, if there's work, work rules. You know I love you!

  4. While Clotilda Bean was from Ireland, I believe her husban "John" was of Scottish extraction. My late Uncle, Everett Perry Bean, paid to have Clotilda's cabin moved to Old Bardstown Village where it now has been restored. The State of Kentucky planed to burn it. John was killed in the Cumberland Gap on a return trip to Bean City MD to obtain supplies. Felix Howard Bean, III

    1. Hi Felix! Thanks for the comment. I have other blog posts about Clotilda that tell more of the story about her. One of them has many pictures of the inside of the cabin. My husband was very worried about the present condition of the cabin and is afraid it is going to go to ruin because of neglect. I sure hope not. I would be interested to know more of the ancestry of John Bean, if he was Scot or Irish. I've heard both.

  5. John was Scottish. The Clan MacBean of North America has wonderful books (Toombs) about the "MacBean" family. There is even a small park on Lock Ness dedicated to the MacBeans. Felix H. Bean, III

  6. Hi again Felix! Yes, you commented on this blog before about this and I answered you then. I am familiar with Clan MacBean of North America!

  7. So glad to see this website and the history of Clotilda Bean!! The Bean family referred to John Bean as Christopher Columbus Bean!! It is wonderful to read the history, so family members can view!! I will make my way to Bardstown again some day!! Thanks William E Albanese of Akron OH, son of Patricia Bean Albanese and Grandsonof William E (Pete) Bean born in 1902 Bardstown KY. The memories of the Beans, Uncle Pat, Tommy,Griffin (Dip) sister Ethel and Aunt Aline are forever embraced!

    1. Christopher columbus Bean! Sounds like someone who has been listening to the stories my Dad tells (Jerome Bean - Bill Albaneses Uncle, Patricia's Brother and "Pete's" son.

      My brother chris, narrowly escaped being named christopher columbus (thanks, I'm sure to my mothers sound judgement)!

      My line of of Bean family was blessed with great embellishment skills.

      I haven't heard from Felix since the family reunion in 1993 - I was 12.

      Catherine Bean