Monday, August 29, 2011

Amanuensis Monday: The Will of Jesse B. Wallen

Jesse B. "J.B." Wallen was my paternal 3rd great grandfather, son of William and Elizabeth (Bloomer) Wallen and husband of Louisa Tyree. He had barely reached the age of 50 when he died of a "liver complaint". Until this past week I had no idea J.B. had ever left a will and while I've learned nothing new from it's contents, it is certainly an exciting discovery and I find myself once again wishing cousin Charlie Wallen was here to share in my excitement.

Jesse B. Wallen 
 26 Sep 1827 Hawkins Co., TN -  30 Sep 1877 Rockcastle Co., KY

June the 15th day 1877:
Knowing all men by these lives, that I Jessee B. Wallen, am in my right mind and without any persuading wishes to make a Will. I Will everything that belongs to me in the House & out a doors, with the proceeds of the farm, to my wife Lueasy Wallen, with the Exception of a Bay colt & cow & saddle these things I Will to my Son, that is under age, Daniel Thomas Wallen, also, I want my wife to sell off enough of the property to pay my Debts the balance for her to do as she pleases with as long as she remains my Widow, then everything to be divided between her & all the children Equal, Lueasy Wallen, O. P. Wallen, Wm. Wallen, J. N. Wallen, Lucy Sutton, D. T. Wallen. Whereunto I assign my name, 
                                                                                                    Jessee B. Wallen.
Micajah (his + mark) Brewer
Jasper Francisco
John (his+mark) W. Grider                                                                              
                                                               State of Kentucky
                                                                                                      Rockcastle County
I, David N. Williams, clerk of the Rockcastle County Court, do certify that the foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the Last Will & Testament of Jessee B. Wallen, Deceased, was at the October Term of said Court 1877, produced in open court by Jasper Francisco one of the Subscribing witnesses thereto and was proven in open Court by the oaths of Jasper Francisco and John W. Grider two of the Subscribing Witnesses thereto who stated that they were present when said Wallen signed & acknowledged said instrument of writing to be his Last Will & Testament and who witnessed said Will & Testament in the presence of the Testator and that Micajah Brewer witnessed the same in their presence & in the presence of the Testator whereupon the Court confirmed the same and ordered the same to Record which is together with this my certificate duly Recorded in my office in Will Book No. 1, Page 199.
Witness my hand this November 20th 1877.
                                                                 David N. Williams C.R.C.C.

Amanuensis - A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.


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