Monday, August 15, 2011

Henry and Milla Jane (Trowbridge) McMullen

Henry and Millie (Trowbridge) Newby - 1890 ca.

Milla Jane, "Millie", was the sister of my maternal great grandmother, Ida May Newby. She was born to John Calvin and Phoebe (Cook) Trowbridge on October 26, 1869. Millie married Henry McMullen on June 3, 1890, probably in Rush Co., Indiana. Their marriage is recorded in Ida May's bible

Henry McMullen
Henry was born exactly 2 years ahead of Millie on October 26, 1867. In 1900 Millie and Henry lived with her sister Ida May and brother-in-law Charles Newby on Carey St. in Knightstown, Indiana. Henry was an Engineer in a saw mill. Henry and Millie were married 12 years and Henry died September 25, 1902, just before he turned 35. Millie died three years later on March 26, 1905 at the age of 35. No children from this union.

I have not found a death certificate for Millie but she must have been ill and apparently knew she was dying because she left a will which was dated just a few days before her death. I have my great grandmother's copy of her will. In the will Millie leaves a 33 1/2 acre farm to my great grandmother. This farm was right on the western border of Henry Co., Indiana and, I assume, was purchased after 1900 but before the death of Henry in 1902. The farm was owned by F. M. Kirkpatrick in 1893. In 1900 there is a Fanny Kirkpatrick, age 48 and widowed, boarding with a neighbor of the McMullen's on Carey St. and it is possible the farm belonged to her.

I have been unsuccessful so far in positively identifying the parents of Henry McMullen. Henry and Millie are buried in Glen Cove Cemetery, Knightstown, Henry Co., Indiana, Lot 65.

A transcription of Milla Jane McMullen's will can be seen at this link: Amanuensis Monday: The Will of Millie McMullen.



  1. is the marriage. If you contact FamilySearch Historical Records with the information they maybe able to get you a copy.
    Emphasis on may.

    No you have me searching around. I just can't avoid shiny objects. :)

  2. You are a PEACH Fran! I figured it was in Rush Co. because Ancestry doesn't have those records. They have Henry Co., which is where they lived. Can't believe I didn't utilize FamilySearch...just don't always think about it. Now I'm probably going to be hunting down more Rush Co., Indiana stuff......hope I don't burn supper, LOL!

    The very coolest thing is....has Henry "P" McMullen. Now I can be pretty sure who his parents are as I've had my eye on this Patrick Henry McMullen of the right age in Hancock Co. next door. I LOVE you Fran!