Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day: Thank You For Serving!

Thanks to ALL who served! 

Photos below are those of Veterans in my immediate family who are still living.

My spouse
Joseph Michael (Mike) Logsdon
U. S. Army - Vietnam - Combat Engineer - 4th Infantry

Mike and the truck he drove

My brother Bob
Robert Terrill Wallen
U.S. Air Force Medical Corps during the Viet Nam War, 1966-1970

My brother Mike
Michael Dean Wallen
U. S. Air Force Pilot, Lt. Col., Ret. 1972 - 1993
Participated in "Just Cause", "Desert Shield" and "Desert Storm"

Brother Mike and President Ronald Reagan



  1. What a great tribute to all but especially to your brother Mike with President Reagan! What an honor that must have been for him.

  2. Thank you Mary! It is really cool about my brother and Reagan...we so loved that wonderful President! A real honor! But to me, the real hero is my husband who saw actual combat and experienced hardships and sorrow that no one else in my family for many generations has experienced. He lost comrades he was close to and he was spat upon when he returned to the U.S. for a war we lost, mainly because of the media. But he returned a stronger and better person through it all and has been a wonderful husband, father and spiritual leader for all the 34+ years that we have been together! And that is not to diminish either of my brother's service. They are ALL heroes in my eyes!