Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Oliver & Sarah - May 23, 1900

May 23, 1900 - Wabd, Rockcastle Co., Kentucky

Below is the Marriage announcement of my paternal great grandparents, another recent discovery from the Mount Vernon Signal newspaper dated June 1, 1900 (pg. 4). Until finding this somewhat lengthy and descriptive announcement, I had only a copy of the marriage license and short excerpts from Oliver's diary covering his courtship, engagement and marriage to Sarah. This was a pleasant and welcome addition to my gleanings!

Courtship, Engagement and Marriage 
Excerpts from Oliver's Diary:

1898:  "Miss Sarah Davis of Level Green attended my school. I began waiting on her before my school was out and Easter Sunday April 10, 1898 - we were engaged to be married."

May 12 1900 "Took out lisence to solemize the rites of matrimony." 

May 18, 1900: " a letter the 15 from Miss Sarah Davis. She said she would be redy to get married the 23." 

May 22 1900 "... from there to Mt. Vernon and got my marriage lisence, from there to Rev. B. S. Duvalt's and got him to officiate, and home.

May 23, 1900  "Went to Rev. Nelie Burnette's, near Level Green, and got Miss Sarah Davis and went to the Rev. B. S. Duvalt's and we were made one, or husband and wife, at 1/2 past 4 P.M. Mr. J. J. Towery and Miss May Sowder went with us."



  1. The article is delightful, the diary, priceless!!

  2. What a sweet post. Oliver's diary entries are such fun. I know he hasn't written all the details of the courtship but these entries give the impression that the engagement was long but the decision on a marriage date was quick and with brief discussion. The newspaper announcement gives so much more information about them. I think the phrase, "For the young bride we can't say too much." What they chose to say gave lots of insight. Wonderful post!