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Sunday's Obituary: Aunt Jane Bloomer

Jane (Payne) Bloomer
b. 14 Oct 1831 d. 1 Dec 1912

More like a death announcement than an obituary...

From the Mount Vernon Signal Newspaper dated Friday 13 Dec 1912

My paternal great grandfather, Oliver Morton Wallen, mentions "Aunt Jane Bloomer" only once in his diary. Jane was his paternal great grandmother's sister-in-law, wife of Nehemiah Bloomer, daughter of Moses and Nancy (Rucker) Payne. This is one time Oliver calls a person by a relationship name that is incorrect. Jane would have been a cousin by marriage, however, I suspect Jane was known to many in the Wabd area as "Aunt", perhaps because of her great age. She was quite likely an important member of our family.

Excerpt from Oliver's diary:

July 7, 1903 – Clurked and worked in the garden. About 9 o’clock P.M. Sarah gave birth to two babies, a girl and a boy. We christened them Sula Susan and Thomas Miller. Grandma Wallen waited on Sarah. J. C. Renner went after her for me. Aunt Jane Bloomer, N. J. Sercy and Carrie Renner were present.  

~Relationships of those mentioned in the above excerpt~
Sarah - Sarah (Davis) Wallen, wife of Oliver Morton Wallen
Sula Susan and Thomas Miller - twin infants of Oliver and Sarah Wallen
Grandma Wallen - Louisa (Tyree) Wallen, Oliver's paternal grandmother
J. C. Renner - John C. Renner
N. J. Sercy - Nancy J. (Payne) Searcy - daughter of Jane's brother John Payne
Carrie Renner - Carrie (Searcy) Renner, wife of J. C. Renner and daughter of N. J. Sercy

I'm not sure what they mean by "died of Paralysis". Jane's death certificate says cause of death was "Congestion of Lungs" with contributory cause as "organic heart trouble". Jane is buried in the Skaggs Creek Cemetery, Wabd, Rockcastle Co., Kentucky.


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