Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: The Little Blue River Browns

My husband Mike and I stayed in Indiana an extra day just so we'd have a chance to visit the archives of the Wayne county courthouse in Richmond, Indiana. As planned, on Monday, June 6th, we left camp early in the morning and drove for almost an hour before arriving at our destination. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the floor of the courthouse where the archives were located, I had a terrible headache. I never get headaches. For the life of me, I just could not focus efficiently and I finally gave up my quest after two hours of having no success at finding anything I'd come looking for.  I was deeply disappointed. A precious day of our vacation trip wasted

Or....maybe not completely wasted.

As we headed back to our campground we decided to take a detour and so we turned south at Cambridge City and drove through Connersville and then west again to Rushville. We drove around Rushville and snapped a few pictures of the rather gothic looking old courthouse and then we started back northward again on Road 3. I thought, since we were going that way, we might as well take a quick peek at the Reddick Cemetery where my maternal third great grandparents, Giles and Martha (Brown) Cook, were buried. I didn't need to as I'd been there with Mom in 1999 and had all the photos, but why not? I started giving Mike directions and suddenly realized we'd passed one of the roads I wanted to take so we detoured around this way and that and ended up coming upon another cemetery. I recognized the cemetery name but had never been to it before, Little Blue River Cemetery. Well, whaddaya know, another one of those "happy accidents"! My maternal 4th great grandparents, George and Rebecca Brown (parents of aforementioned Martha Cook), were buried here!

We pulled up to the cemetery and before the car came to a stop I had spotted their stone. Again (as in last week's Tombstone Tuesday blog), I had seen photos of George and Rebecca's tombstone so many times that it's familiar shape immediately caught my eye among all those other stones. It was not unusually shaped like the last one I wrote about, and it was a very plain and rather homely stone, but I easily recognized it from a distance, and, in my mind, it beckoned me...come hither!

This cemetery was surrounded by rich Indiana farmland. It was so peaceful and lovely all around that if it hadn't been so danged hot I would have pulled out a picnic blanket and stayed the rest of the afternoon. I did linger here a little longer and I walked among all the stones and photographed a number of them before we continued on our trek to the Reddick Cemetery.

Oh, how I wish I'd never gone back to the Reddick Cemetery! I would have been better off not knowing. But maybe I'll write about that awful mess next week. I'll have to call it something else though. Maybe "Tombstone-less Tuesday".....


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