Saturday, July 16, 2011

Surname Saturday: BLOOMER

England to America

Descendant Chart: Robert Bloomer 1634 to Lisa Wallen 1952

A brief description of each generation from my 9th great grandfather, Robert Bloomer, to my 4th great grandmother, Elizabeth Bloomer Wallen, where the Bloomer line daughters out. 

1) Robert Bloomer b. ca. 1634 in Birmingham, England - Early (mid 1800s) family histories coincide on certain details: Robert was a foundling, adopted in infancy by the Bloomerings. He was kidnapped from the streets of England as a teenager and sold in America into four years of indentured service. Married Rachel ca. 1670. Lived in New York.

2) Robert Bloomer b. bet. 1671-1673 - Miller. Married Elizabeth Sutton (The Sutton lineage is where my father is twice descended from my mother's ancestor, Vincent Rongnion/Runyan). Lived in Rye, Westchester Co., New York. Filed a will on 12 March 1738/39.

3) John Bloomer b. bet. 1705-1710 - Mentioned in Rye, Westchester Co., New York from 1735 to 1740 and was justice of the peace in 1746. He married Berthia Fowler, daughter of John and Mary (Tatum) Fowler.

4) Nehemiah Bloomer b. ca. 1754 - Taylor. Left New York just before the Revolution and is found in Pennsylvania by 1777 and appears in tax records (Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd series p. 53) for Hampton Township in Cumberland Co., NY in 1778. By 1790 Nehemiah was in Wilkes Co., North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Ketcham, of Welsh descent, in New Jersey in 1773.

5) Daniel Bloomer b. ca. 1778 - Married Lucinda. Her maiden name is recorded by some as Defoe and by others as Looney. Neither name has been verified. In May of 1821 Daniel made an entry for 86 1/2 acres on the North Fork of the Clinch River in Hawkins Co., Tennessee. On 30 Nov 1836 Daniel bought 432 acres of land laying on both sides of the North Fork of the Clinch river near Wallen's Bend in the same county. His children are listed in his will.

6) Elizabeth Bloomer b. 12 June 1801 - d. April 1860. Married William Wallen/Walling, Jr. ca. 1820 in Tennessee. Family migrated to Rockcastle Co., Kentucky around 1851. Elizabeth gave birth to 10 children, two boys died as teenagers. This is where the Bloomer line daughters out and becomes Wallen all the way down to me. (click on descendant chart above to enlarge.)

For much more information on the descendants of Robert Bloomer I highly recommend the following book:

Bloomer, Robert John. The Bloomer Family in America, 1655-1988: a History and Genealogical Record of the Bloomer Family. Fountain Valley, CA: R.J. Bloomer, 1988. Print.

Sorry Michael, another "damned Anglish" pedigree in your bloodlines...but at least it's tempered with a wee bit o' Welsh!



  1. My 5th-great-grandfather Michael OGDEN married Jane BLOOMER. I've added the Bloomer book you cited to my list of things to look through when I make a trip to the library in Ft. Wayne. Thanks for the lead.

  2. Kevin..if you can tell me anything about Jane, where and when she was born, I might be able to connect her somewhere. Michael OGDEN is not listed in the index of Robert Bloomer's book but that doesn't mean Jane is not there. If you prefer, you can contact me via e-mail. My gmail address is near the bottom of my blog just above the index.

    I have also heard that this book was going to have a sequel to it so I need to e-mail the author and find out if it's come out yet.

  3. Hey Lisa! What did you use to create that beautiful descendant chart? We've been working on ways to make family tree, pedigree, and descendant widgets easy for bloggers to insert in posts but we don't have anything this nice for descendants yet. Chris

  4. Well Chris...believe it or not, that chart is in Family Tree Maker (at least it is in my older version from 2005). I just did a screen capture of it, pasted it into paint and saved it as a jpeg and posted it to my blog. Easy peasy!

  5. I love this chart and your brief descriptions. I keep meaning to start doing some Surname Saturday posts, too, but I'm usually too busy to blog on Saturdays! I think you've just inspired me to find the time. =)

  6. I sorta cheated Wendy....did it on Friday, LOL!

  7. Hi Lisa! I did a chart of this same background for my father for either a Father's Day or Birthday present, I can't remember which. I loved the background especially for him because he worked on the waterfront his whole life.

  8. Now I have to see if I still have a copy of the 2005 version. I love the background and the whole graphic.