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1836 Marriage Bond: Uriah Sutton to Euna Delaney

Uriah Sutton and Euna Delaney were my paternal 3rd great grandparents. The part of Lincoln county where they lived and were married, later became part of Rockcastle Co., Kentucky. Uriah and Euna had 11 known children.  

Lincoln Co., Kentucky 1836

Marriage Bond dated 10 Sep 1836
Signed by Uriah Sutton and Euna's father, Joseph Delaney

Know all men by these presents that we Uriah L(?) Sutton and Joseph Delany are held and firmly bound unto the commonwealth of Kentucky in the final sum of ₤100 witness our hands and seals this 10 day of September 1836 whereas this(?) is a license about to be issued from the clerks office of the Lincoln County Court for a marriage intended between the above bound Uriah (?) Sutton and Unah Delany. Now should there be no legal cause to obstruct said marriage then this obligation to be void.
Test                                  Uriah Sutton
G.(?) H. McKinny               Joseph Delany

Note: This is the only time I have ever seen a middle initial for Uriah and I am unable to be sure if it is L or S as in both instances above it is very faded. I'm not sure about that lira symbol before the sum but I imagine it was supposed to be a dollar sign. I have placed a question mark where I was unsure of letters. I use the spelling Delaney in my records as that is the more commonly seen spelling and the name Euna is a family name passed down for several generations and was almost always spelled incorrectly.

More information about Uriah and Euna (and Uriah's second wife) can be found at this link:


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