Saturday, September 29, 2012

SSN Application: Illinois (Townsend) Wallen 1958

This is the application for a Social Security number filled out by my paternal grandmother, Iva Illinois (Townsend) Wallen in March of 1958. "Noy" was already grandmother to 5 children at the time she filled this out. My grandfather deserted her about 1954 and they divorced sometime in the early 1960s.

Grandmother Noy lived with her daughter Jeanne for the rest of her life. Aunt Jeanne had divorced in 1951 and neither woman ever remarried.



  1. Lisa, now I'm here! I'm wondering if you still had to pay $28? for these? You're so fortunate to have these.

  2. Barbara, I paid $7 each for these. Most of the documents that I have sent off for over the years have accompanying them in my binders: 1) a copy of my original request, 2)the dated return envelope, 3) any correspondence from the sender and, 4)a copy of the check or money order that went with my request. My paternal grandfather's was received in 1999, my paternal grandmother's (above) was received in 2001, and I'm not sure when I got my maternal grandfather's application because there is nothing with it. I suppose it's possible my mother had to have that for some reason and maybe I got it from her. At the time copies were all $7 if you KNEW the SS# and $16.50 if they had to research it. Oh for those prices again!