Thursday, September 20, 2012

Orphans From Rockcastle Co., Kentucky 1873-1910

This article may be of interest to that part of my family who descend from, or are in some other way related to, Oliver Morton Wallen, my paternal great grandfather. It may also interest those doing research on other families who lived in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky. 

Along with the Wallen children and others listed here, are the Cress children who I am familiar with: Derrell Mitchell Cress, Eddie L. Cress, and Lizzie C. Cress. They are the youngest children of Derrell M. Cress Sr. and his third wife Sarah Elizabeth (Warren) Cress. Derrell Sr. is mentioned in Oliver's diary and Derrell Sr. and two of his daughters married distant relatives in our family.  The Wallen children listed in this article are James Hobert and his twin Charles Homer, Sula Susan and her twin Thomas Miller, and my grandfather William Jesse, all children of Sarah Frances (Davis) Wallen and her deceased husband Oliver.

From the Mt. Vernon Signal Newspaper dated 14 Jan 1910:

Article from the Mt.
Vernon Signal dated
14 Jan 1910
Orphans sent from Rockcastle county to Masonic Widows and Orphans Home, Louisville, beginning in the year 1873 are named below; Alice and Theodosia Denson were the first, Charles E. and Wm. C. Argenbright, Livingston; Goebel and Sherman Bowers, Jack Adams Carter and Mary Carter, Brodhead; Harrison Clark, Cline Clark, D. M. Cress, E. L. Cress, L. C. Cress, Ed Herron, John Herron, Hazel Salyers, James Scarbrough, Nora Scarbrough, Herbert (sic) Wallen, Homer Wallen, Susie S. Wallen, Thomas M. Wallen and Wm. J. Wallen, from Mt. Vernon. Many of these remained at the Home and received good educations and are today leading, business citizens in various states. Others were permitted to return to their former homes or homes found for them by their relatives before finishing their education. There are now remaining in the home nine Rockcastle children ranging in ages from 5 to 15, all getting along nicely and well satisfied with the kind treatment received and their progress in securing an education and learning various useful trades and callings.

The story (with photos) of Sarah and the children's return to Kentucky after Oliver's death in Texas, and the subsequent placing of the children in the Masonic Home, can be read here: Tombstone Tuesday: Oliver's Tomb, Then And Now ~ Sarah's Return.

A photo of Sarah and all five of the Wallen children at the Masonic Home and another photo of the exterior of the Masonic Home from the approximate time period can be seen here: Wordless Wednesday: At The Louisville Masonic Widows And Orphans Home


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