Saturday, September 29, 2012

SSN Application: William Jesse Wallen 1937

This application for a social security number was filled out by my paternal grandfather, William J. Wallen in March of 1937 when he still worked for Electrolux in Greencastle, Indiana. He and my grandmother had been married 17 years and they had three young children. 

SSN Application - William Jesse Wallen - 14 Mar 1937

When my parents married, my Grandfather Bill must have talked up Electrolux to my mother because after our family was finally able to afford such a high end vacuum cleaner, it was the only brand my mother would ever own.



  1. Lisa, did you have to send away for the application or did you already have it? Either way, it is one of the oldest I've ever seen. Thanks for your post.

  2. Barbara, I had to send off for it as well as the other two I posted this week. My maternal grandfather's SSN application that I posted yesterday is actually a year older.