Monday, July 26, 2010

A Mother's Roots: For Gini (And Me)

Comfort From A Newspaper Clipping

I don't usually post twice in one day but this seems appropriate and timely. I'm not sure where I got this clipping but it's beautiful and comforting. Gini Webb of Ginisology lost her mother just days ago and I lost mine on March 30 of this year. I've written several blogs about my mother, the first one being on Mother's Day a little over a month after she died ("A Bittersweet Mother's Day"). I was my mom's only daughter and I believe that was the same with Gini..both our mother's died of a stroke....and I'm not going to say much more because I'll just get misty-eyed all over again and I won't be able to type! I hope you like this Gini!



  1. Wow Lisa, how beautiful and true is that. I love this and I am so grateful that you shared it with me and all of us. I too was an only child, mom and I had only each other for many years and our bond was tight..."loss is our legacy, insight is our gift and memory is our guide" very true.

    Thank you Lisa so very much.

  2. Lisa ~ This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I'm so sorry for your loss - I don't believe I had discovered your blog at that time but I'm sure it still seems like yesterday. I just looked at your Mother's Day post - that first picture of your Mom was great. She just looks like the kind of person you could laugh with.

  3. Lisa: I really appreciate your sharing this with us. This is absolutely beautiful. I'm so sorry about your Mom passing, and Gini's too. My mother passed away three years ago and at times it seems just like yesterday.

    As my mom told my oldest sister before she died "you will be okay when I'm gone, but you will miss me forever". That is how she felt about her own mother when she passed away in the 1980's.

    May God bless you both during this fragile time of your mothers' passing. I'm sure they were very proud of you.


  4. Diana...yes my mom WAS the kind of person you could laugh with. She was loved by all her friends and all three of her children's spouses say she was a wonderful mother-in-law. Mary..I love the quote from your mom. Very, very true! Thank you all for your comforting words!

  5. Lisa, fabulous post, perfect timing! Thank you so much for sharing this.