Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: The (Vintage) Florida Seashore

Delicious memories of childhood and a carefree time... 

Sand crunching between the toes, the glorious warmth of the sun, salt spray carried on the breeze, collections of sea shells, starfish and sand dollars, brightly colored plastic shovels and buckets, clumsily built sand castles, coquinas digging into the sand after washing up on the beach, little crabs fleeing to their holes, sailboats on the horizon, the constant cry of hungry seagulls...and falling asleep on the gritty blanket underneath the beach umbrella near the end of day. And lastly, waking up just minutes before the brilliant orange ball of sun created an imaginary sizzle as it appeared to touch the water, and then watching as it slowly slipped downward and out of sight into the darkening sea.

Watercolor Painting by my mother, Janet Eilene Runyan-Wallen
Typical view of a 1950s Clearwater Beach, Florida sailboat race

I Was A Blonde Bathing Beauty
Once Upon A 1953!

And I still was 1954

Mom always called me her "little fish" and told everyone I could swim before I could walk and since I had just turned 2 years old here, I'd long been doing both. And of course, this is the side most often seen of my dad when he was at the beach! 

Now...I'm a red headed bathing over grey, that is!

Me and "Sergeant Major Diggs" (Sarge)


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  1. What a nice post. I love your mother's painting. I love the pictures of little you, and who can resist you and the sarge!