Thursday, August 19, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Perks of Blogging

The Geneaperks

I just started blogging my genealogy in February of this year and in that time I have received several short pieces of communication via the comments section of my posts from excited distant cousins who had stumbled upon my blog. Unfortunately so far, none of them has left a return e-mail address and I have no way of returning the communication. I can only hope they will come back.

But last week I had a change of fortune when I received a wonderful e-mail from one of my husband's distant half-cousins [who found the e-mail button near the bottom of my blog] and with his permission, I am sharing that letter with all of you!

Subject: Logsdon Ancestry
Date: 8/11/2010 5:22:39 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Lisa:  Several weeks ago it was my good fortune to stumble on to a Web site "Old Stones Undeciphered".   Just by chance I saw this little question:  Who the heck is Alice?  Knowing that Alice McIlvoy was the second wife of William Logsdon, I continued to read your narrative that answered that question.

My name is Joseph Bernard Thompson, most often called Bernard or "Bernie".  I was born 9/28/1934 in Washington CountyKentucky.  My father was William Lloyd Thompson, b. 2/8/1897, d.2/22/1973.  His father was Richard Alexander Thompson who married Mary Jane "Mollie" Smith, b.11/9/1867, d.12/21/1919.  Mollie Smith's grandmother was Nancy Worland, the first wife of William B. Logsdon.  I have been the beneficiary of the work of several other people who have done research on the Logsdons but found quite a bit of information in your postings that I do not have. I did not have the maiden name for Joseph (Blackhead) Logsdon's wife, Eleanor and the info re her parents from WestminsterMd.the latter which you posted 7/24/10.

I have had an interest in my family's ancestry for a number of years but have only begun to work on it in earnest this past year.  I am learning as I go.  It is amazing for me to see how much information you have posted and I am very appreciative of your efforts, not to mention a bit envious of your ability to gather so much from so many sources.

I live in LexingtonKy  now, am retired and do have some time to devote to "chasing my ancestry".  My wife is also a Thompson and is from Loretto in Marion County. I do get to Washington and Marion Counties on a fairly regular basis.  I did visit the William Logsdon homestead (Horse Shoe Bend Farm) last year.  A Holderman family has owned and lived there for more than 50 years.  According to them, the house is much the same as when originally built.

Obviously I would be receptive to communicating with you regarding the Logsdons although at this point I do not have much to offer. Judging from what you have posted on "Old Stones Undeciphered", you appear to have the capacity to get a lot done, not just in genealogy.

Best regards from Lexington,
Bernard Thompson

Now, I had Bernard's lineage in my data but only down to Mollie, so you can be sure we have much to share. But the real surprise was the fact that Bernard has been to the Horseshoe Bend Farm, a farm I'd never before even considered still existed!! What exciting news! I'm ready to pack up and head for Kentucky the first chance I get!

That's great, I love being "stumbled upon".  And a new genealogist in the makings too....gotta love it!



  1. This is wonderful that someone finally left a personal letter and contact information! I too get frustrated when someone asks for information or says they are connected, but forget to leave contact information when leaving a comment on my blog. I've actually spent 3 years tracking down one person who repeatedly left comments on my blog! Good job!

  2. Lisa, how exciting, and your new cousin sounds like the kind we would all love to have. Appreciative and willing to share. I'm so happy for you. Is this your line with the nude painter??? (I had to put that in.)