Monday, September 13, 2010

Amanuensis Monday: Obituary of Henry C. Darling

1848 - 1911

About Amanuensis Monday: John Newmark, who writes the TransylvanianDutch blog started a Monday Blog Theme called "Amanuensis Monday". John defines "amanuensis" as "a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

Henry C. Darling was the brother of Mary Elizabeth Darling Runyan, my maternal great grandmother. This obituary/biography was written by his immediate family. 


The bud, the blossom, the ripened grain; 
God gives, but, claims them all again.  

Soon after the sun had crossed the meridian, God's messenger entered the home of Henry C. Darling and bore the Spirit of the husband and father to that beautiful beyond.  Silently and peacefully he passed from the vision of the dear ones that had so patiently and tenderly cared for his every want.  The thoughtful husband, the loving father, the indulgent grandfather, the kind brother and good neighbor is gone. He will enter the home no more. His chair must always be vacant, but, that holy influence of a father's love will ever live in a silent way, known only to those hereft, his loving council will be heeded. Although the heart is torn asunder in time it will be seen that God knows best.  

His boundless love through death is shown; 
If we could only understand; 
'Tis wisdom ever guides His hand; 
He knows just when to claim his own. 
He knows that in the after years 
Our blinded eyes will see the light;
We'll learn His way is always right;
We'll see His mercy through our fears.

The subject of this sketch was born near Trenton, New Jersey, September 8, 1849. When a lad of nine years he came with his parents, Samuel and Beulah Darling, to Indiana settling in the Richsquare neighborhood, there affiliating with the Friends church.  He was married to Susan Lockridge September 4th, 1869. To them were given seven children, three sons and four daughters. They with the mother, nine little grandchildren and several brothers and sisters are left to mourn the loss of a dearly loved one.  Henry was an industrious, upright man. A greater part of his life was spent on the farm, only recently having moved to Spiceland. He was an active member of the order of Knights of Pythias. He departed this life February 19th, 1911.  Death was due to cancer. Although suffering intensely he patiently awaited the summons. Although his last request was for his family to sing with him "The Rock Of Ages," when they broke down he finished the song with a clear, strong voice.  A few days before passing away, after a period of unusual suffering, there came upon him a death-like stillness. He lay in that condition for several hours, then suddenly opening his eyes he exclaimed: "I have been away, I have seen heaven!" Thereupon describing his journey through a most beautiful, blue sky, until a clear sparkling stream was reached, in which when cleansed, a hand beckoned him to follow. Birds were sweetly singing, and the most beautiful flowers were blooming everywhere. On they went past white robed Angels till he fell at Jesus' feet. Jesus blessed him, telling him to arise, his sins were forgiven, and to tell his family of the home that was prepared for them.  After this he was anxious to go, pleading with them to do right and follow him.

When the long shadows fall,
  And the evenings grow gray,
And you sit in the home
  At the close of the day,
All the sweet memories
  Of the days that are gone,
The loss, and the heartache,
  They will come, one by one,
Till yearning for Father,
  His kindness and love,
You'll reach your hands gladly
  For help from above.
                          C. C. M.

Cards of Thanks. We desire to thank our neighbors and friends who assisted us during our late bereavement. -- Mrs. Henry Darling and family.

Circle Grove Cemetery, Spiceland, Henry Co., Indiana



  1. Now THAT is an obituary! Fabulous detail.

  2. I have posted at least THREE Darling obituaries for Amanuensis Mondays and they are ALL lengthy and rather "flowery", LOL! But sure is great to have such detail!!