Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Birth Order

Randy Seavers new Saturday Night Mission (which I am fulfilling in the wee hours of Sunday Morn):

1)  Pick one of your ancestral lines - any one - patrilineal, matrilineal, zigzag, from a famous ancestor, etc.  Pick a long one if you can.

2)  Tell us which position in the birth order that your ancestor was in each generation.  For example "third child, first son."  Also list how many children were born to these parents.

3)  Share your Birth Order work with us on your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, in a comment on Facebook, etc.

I have chosen to follow my paternal lineage of Wallen.

1) Lisa J. Wallen (1952...) - third child, first daughter of Robert L. and Janet E. (Runyan) Wallen (2 sons,1 daughter)
2) Robert L. Wallen (1921-2000) - first child, first son of William J. and Iva I. (Townsend) Wallen (2 sons,1 daughter)
3) William J. Wallen (1901-1976) - first child, first son of Oliver M. and Sarah F. (Davis) Wallen (4 sons, 1 daughter)
4) Oliver M. Wallen (1870-1905) - first child, first son of William M. and Susan S. (Sutton) Wallen (3 sons, 6 daughters)
5) William M. Wallen (1852-1922) - second child, second son of Jesse B. and Louisa (Tyree) Wallen (4 sons, 1 daughter)
6) Jesse B. Wallen (1827-1877) - third child, first son of William and Elizabeth (Bloomer) Wallen (6 sons, 4 daughters)
7)William Wallen (1760-1838) - sixth child, second son of William and Hannah (Rice) Wallen (2 sons, 4 daughters)

I remember how my oldest brother Bob marveled over the fact that he was a fourth generation "first child, first son" in the Wallen lineage!



  1. What a lovely family photograph! What is the little boy in the center looking at?

  2. Good question Dorene! I don't know what my brother Bob is looking at but my other brother Mike carried that cigar box around everywhere he went. I remember this picture being taken but I can't remember who took it, likely my grandmother since it was next door to their house in the parking lot of the old barber shop. And I remember being very fascinated with the hair on my dad's arms!