Friday, September 10, 2010

Land Patent: Robert Patterson "Father, Heir At Law"

 Land Patent for Robert Patterson Sr. 
Fayette Co., Illinois - February 1, 1848

~Heir of son who died in the Mexican War~

Until I found this land patent record, I was not aware that Robert Patterson, Sr. had a son Robert, Jr. Maybe this extra child is why I have not been able to pin this family down in the 1840 census, or is it? 

I've done some 1840 searches since finding out about Robert, Jr. and I'm still having trouble pinning them down. Pennsylvania or Ohio...lots of Robert Pattersons. It's going to take some time. 

Although I have many land patent records, this is my first experience finding a record where the father is heir to the son's land. This is also the first casualty of the Mexican War in my family that I've come across.

Robert Patterson was my paternal third great grandfather.

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