Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: The Raysville Cemetery Peonies

Janet Runyan Wallen, Peony Bush, Raysville Cemetery, Indiana

I'd never seen a Peony before. first of all, I'm from FLORIDA. We have Azaleas...and Oranges of course! Those things we take for granted. So, when Mom and I went to Indiana in May of 1999 for our genealogical excursion, I just had to know about those bushes of fluffy flowers. Mom was surprised and a little startled at my wide eyed wonderment. To her Peonies were quite common and after I was in Indiana for a few days, I understood why. Every yard had Peonies!

My very first glimpse of these lovely flowers was from our trek to the Raysville Cemetery in Raysville, Henry Co., Indiana just southeast of Knightstown where these beauties were adorning the fence near the entry way. (Actually I don't think there WAS an entry way. As I recall, we had to clamber over the fence!) Raysville is a secluded old cemetery and you have to drive up a private drive to get to it and then park your car and walk a little ways back and up a slight incline. It was early morning and there was still a light mist. After getting a picture of my mother beside a large bush of Peonies, Mom held one bunch carefully in her work gloved hand so I could get a good close up photo.

Mom holds a cluster of Peonies for a close up photo

I am thankful I took these two photos, a great memory of a beautiful flower and a wonderful trip with my beautiful mother!


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