Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday's Obituary: Austin Gollaher Dead!


HODGENVILLE, Ky., Feb. 22.--Un-
cle Austin Gollaher, the boyhood play-
mate of Abraham Lincoln, died at his
Morning Herald
February 22, 1898

home, near this place, this morning of
paralysis and old age. He had been
lingering between life and death for
over a year. Had he lived a month lon-
ger he would have been ninety-three
years old. Until recently Mr. Gollaher
retained his mental vigor and convers-
ed freely about his and Abe's ups and
downs, when they were boys together
in Larue county; but a while before his
death his mind became greatly impared.
He always referred to the time he saved
Abe from drowning in Knob creek as
a great episode, and never tired of tell-
ing the story to his friends.

Benjamin Austin Gollaher was the son of Thomas and Judith Gollaher. 

This is the third in a series of six daily blog posts I am doing on Benjamin Austin Gollaher, the maternal 3rd great grandfather of my husband Mike. Previous posts on Gollaher (done before this series) can be seen at the links below:


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