Thursday, May 6, 2010

Close Up: WWII Ration Books

WWII Ration Books of Lawrence E. Runyan [1893-1978] 
and Mary F. Runyan [1893-1972]

I came across my grandparent's war ration books that my grandmother had kept amongst her things and which eventually got passed on to my mother and now to me. I suppose such mundane items aren't of interest to the average person but to us Genealogists and Family Historians they are treasures indeed.  Every tiny piece of the past is just so cool in my opinion, but heck, I even enjoy reading through the "Begats" in the Bible!

                                Front WR Bk. #3 - Granddaddy's
    Front WR Bk. #3 - Grandmother's
 What the back looks like
The stamps inside
The outside of WR Bk #1 - Granddaddy's
The inside of WR Bk #1 - Granddaddy's
The outside of WR Bk #1 - Grandmother's
The inside of WR Bk #1 - Grandmother's

Surprise to me: Grandmother was taller than I thought. I am 5'9"...maybe a tad over, and so was my grandmother! I always thought she was fairly tall but she wore those shoes! You know, the old black granny lace ups with the fat clunky heel...? When I was just a child everyone always commented on my tall mother, but she was only about 5'6". Maybe that was tall in the 50s but that's not really tall considering her dad was 6' and her mom was 5'9". Interesting...... SHARE


  1. My mother-in-law still has some of theirs. She was showing them to me quite a number of years ago. I had a bit of a hard time grasping the concept of rationing. Those are a real treasure.

  2. PS. I love the title of your blog.

  3. Lisa and Michelle, you make me feel so old...I have my own WWll Ration Book!

  4. Well, golleeee Barbara! How old are you?? ;-D LOL!