Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Tribute

~Remembering family who served~

Revolutionary War:
John MARTIN, SC - served under Brig. Gen. Francis Marion - aka "Swamp Fox" (Gen. Marion pictured at the right)
William WALLEN, TN - served at Kings Mountain and Indian Wars
David OWEN, PA - Capt. Humphrey's Co., 6th Pennsylvania Reg.
Jonas SUTTON, Sr., NJ - Private - Second Regiment, Monmouth; also Continental Army

War of 1812
Benjamin RUNYAN, Sr., OH - Capt Asa Morgan's Co., U.S. Dragoons and Capt James Neilson's Co., NJ mil.
James OWEN, OH - Capt. (Samuel) Spangler's Co., Fairfield Co., Ohio
Samuel GRUNDEN - Pvt. Captian Aston's Co. of Mounted Ohio Milita

Civil War
Forney J. DAVIS, KY - Union Sgt. - Co. B, of the 12th KY Infantry
James Alexander GRUNDEN, IN - 19th Indiana Reg. - Iron Brigade - out of 115 men he was one of ten who came home alive. (pictured here on the right)
Nathaniel L. R. MELVIN, KY - Sgt. Co. E, 37th Kentucky Infantry - Union
Michael B. RUNYAN - Pvt. Co. B - 139 Indiana Infantry
Silas Jefferson METCALF - Co. D - 37th Kentucky Infantry

World War I
<---Lawrence Everett RUNYAN, IN - Camp Custer, Michigan

World War II
Paul Eugene CRIM, Ross Dudley LIVESAY, Joseph Harvey LOGSDON (pictured bottom left), John Mitchell RABER, Robert Leroy WALLEN (pictured bottom right), Charles Homer WALLEN, Sr., James Hobart WALLEN, Thomas Miller WALLEN, Richard Stanton WALLEN, Richard Monroe WALLEN, Harold Melvin "Buddy" TOWNSEND.

Lastly I would like to recognize James Joseph RIZZARDI who served in both WWI and WWII. Even though he is considered an "illegitimate" ancestor, he is still a biological ancestor and some would not be here without him.


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  1. Lisa, this is a beautiful tribute and memorial to those in your family line who served their country. It is put together so well - enjoyed reading it.

    Wanted to thank you, too, for the "Ancestor Award" you gave me for Tennessee Memories. It is greatly appreciated!