Friday, May 7, 2010

Things We Found Tucked In Granny's Bible

Florence Polly (aka "Granny Hide" or "Mamaw" to her grandchildren) 1903-1989 and her daughter Florence Edna ("Granny" to my children) 1922 - 2001. Just some prettys we found in their Bibles after they were gone.....

The three crosses are dated on the backs. The smallest "Have Faith In God" is dated 1905 and "To Elza from Russell" on the back. Elza was Florence Polly's second husband, Elza Chandler Scott, and the only grandfather my husband and his siblings ever knew. The "Happy Easter" cross is dated May 13, 1935 and also says "The Lord is risen, indeed. ~Luke 24:34" and "To Florence Edna from Pop Momma". The largest cross with the roses is dated Dec. 14, 1954 and says "To one of the best helpers I have ever had. God Bless You! S.M.J."



  1. Lisa,
    I just wanted to stop by and say hello, I saw you had become a follower of my genealogy blog! I just this site! We all do these blogs for different reasons, thank you for sharing this with me! I have a few questions, but I need to boys are doing Mother's Day today! Please keep in touch! Sandy

  2. Lisa, what treasures! I really enjoyed seeing them. How wonderful it must have been to discover these pretties.

  3. What treasures you found in the bible. I have nothing like that in my family.

  4. I once found a very old and large Family Bible in an abandoned farm house in Kentucky. I brought it home and it had all kinds of receipts, notes, pretty things...and a lock of braided blond hair. I stuck it in my cedar chest and there it remained for 16 years! One day I decided to find descendants of the people listed on the marriage, birth and death pages. I did some research and sent out four postcards. Only one wrote back to me and it was a spinster teacher who proved to me she was a descendant. I packaged up the Bible with all it's contents and shipped it to her. I was rewarded with a very emotional call from her and it turns out her nephew had just gotten into genealogy and she was giving the Bible to him. A happy ending. It made me feel really good!