Monday, May 17, 2010

An Original 1827 Ohio Wolf Bounty Claim

Original 1827 Wolf Bounty Claim of my 3rd great granduncle 
Humphrey Wheaton b. 1778

Here's something you don't see everyday!

"State of Ohio, Pike County; Before me Hallam Hempstead Clk of the Court of common pleas for the county aforesaid this day personally come Humphrey Wheaton and after being duly sworn deposeth and saith that the seven scalps now produced by him are the scalps of wolves that were taken and killed within this county by him within twenty days last past and that he verily believes that six of the same are under the age of six months and one over the age of six months and that he has not spared the life of any she wolf within his power to kill with a design to increase the breed and further saith not. Sworn to and subscribed before me May 19th 1827. H. Hempstead. Humphrey Wheaton."

This item was an accidental find while googling "Humphrey Wheaton" on the Internet. A man was selling some things from his grandmother's collection. He did not know why she had it or any story on it other than his grandmother like to collect such things. We quickly haggled price and came to one we could both agree lucky day!

Note: For those in my family who do not know how we connect to the father, Robert Leroy Wallen's mother was Iva Illinois Townsend. Her father was Andrew Melvin Townsend, his father was Lewis Townsend. Lewis's mother was Christiana Wheaton. Christiana's brother was Humphrey, the subject of this blog.


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