Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exploring Kyles Ford Along The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine - Part II

Part II - Area Churches, School, Fire Station and Post Office

Kyles Ford Baptist Church - Established 1801

Cave Springs Missionary Baptist Church

Shelby Creek Primitive Baptist Church - Established 1879

and the outhouse nearby....

Grassy Springs Missionary Baptist Church - Eidson

Kyles Ford School

The Clinch Valley Volunteer Fire Department - Eidson

And I THINK I remember that this building had a small sign that said it had been a Post Office. It is very small and right beside the main road.

To be continued with the rest of the pictures in Part III...



  1. Lisa, your photos are fantastic. My husband's family is from east Tennessee around the Sevierville / Knoxville area and these photos look so familiar. I notice you are also following one of my cemetery blogs, Cemeteries of the Covered Bridges. Did you see the posts there about my trip to North Carolina? I also have a blog called Tennessee Memories that you might like to see. I will follow your posts with interest.

  2. Judith, I LOVE your blogs! And these photos of old barns and other buildings are like "eye-candy" to this gal from over-populated Florida!